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Monolithe Building

Monolithe SA

Founded in 2002, the Pierre Etoile Promotion group included among its divisions a brokerage service named Pierre Etoile Courtage. In 2019, when the principal shareholder decided to pass on their responsibilities to the existing young team, Monolithe SA was established to take over this operation. As an independent company firmly oriented towards the future, Monolithe is also actively involved in land acquisition and real estate development.

In addition to brokerage activities, we are also active in the research of plots and the provision of services and sales forces on behalf of third parties, using new brokerage techniques and market approaches.

Our entity is now headed by Adrien Bornand, Sarah Hundemer and Julie Zweili, a new generation projecting the family experience into a new vision of real estate.

Notre équipe

Adrien Bornand

Since joining the group in 2015, Adrien Bornand, with over a decade of experience in brokerage, has distinguished himself by specializing in off-plan sales. He leads the entire commercial aspect of our promotions. Additionally, he takes on the role of the developer's representative for all legal and financial matters, collaborating closely with our network of notaries and bankers.

Sarah Amorim
Land acquisition and development specialist

Sarah Amorim joined us in 2018. With a thorough understanding of municipal regulations and a solid background in land valuation, she oversees the development of our projects in collaboration with architects and local authorities until obtaining the building permits. Sarah also takes charge of implementing marketing strategies for all our sales endeavors.

Julie Zweili
Administrative and Financial Manager

Julie Zweili, who first joined the group in 2014, now oversees the administrative and financial aspects of our businesses. Additionally, she serves as the director of our partner company, District Construction Sàrl, which manages construction projects and guides buyers in their choices for all our developments.